Mike Comstock Software Engineer

Forexer Node.js / Backbone / Less / Socket.IO / Redis

This concept shows live trades on the foreign exchange (forex) currency market. As currencies are exchanged throughout the world, they float between their respective home countries. This gives the user a quick way to view which currencies are currently trending, and which direction they are trending in. The news feed shows a live feed of economic events and breaking news, as it is published.

Currently uses randomly generated data, not live feeds.


GitHub (available by request)

Comet JavaScript / .NET MVC

This project is an experiment in visualizing a company's real-time risk, as mined from some popular social media feed (like Twitter). Risk mining is done externally to this repository, and my work focused only on the visualization. As risk factors change due to social, economic, climate, etc. factors, bubbles appear/vanish, change in size, and change in color. A news feed on the right shows the top news related to the currently most-risky companies.

Currently not using live data, which makes the visualization static. A production implementation is much more interesting.


GitHub (available by request)

GitSpice Rails / GitHub API / Bootstrap

The goal of this project is to facilitate code reviews and some simple project management type activities for projects hosted on GitHub. Collaborators will 'watch' certain files, and they'll automatically receive notifications when those files are changed. One (or more) team members will approve/deny the change through a simple interface.

Project is currently in progress, needs major work to be usable.



Triptitude .NET MVC / SQL Server / Google Maps API / Amazon API

Similar to TripIt, this project focused on travel planning and organizing. I focused on the pre-booking stage, the idea being that you plan the majority of your vacation before you actually book flights, hotels, and activities. Think project management, but for travel. Create itineraries, packing lists, budgets, etc. or view others' plans and fork them to create your own. This version of the site was ultimately a failure, at least partially because of a sub-optimal UI.

Currently Offline


Triptitude Node.js / Backbone / Leaflet.js & OpenStreetMap

After realizing the UI problems of the original site, I came up with a single-page concept using the Backbone.js framework. This was a step in the right direction, but this project didn't get very far. I quickly discovered the inadequacies of using Backbone without a larger library (like Marionette) on top of it. For a larger single-page site like this, Ember, Angular, or Meteor would have been a better choice.



Focoto Rails / Postmark API

An experiment with the Postmark API. While you're at a wedding reception or a party, email your photos to an address provided by the host. The photos are routed to a Rails app (after going through Gmail & Postmark) and displayed on the 'board' for the event. The entire process takes just a few seconds, which allows the host to display the feed live on a projector, if desired.

Site works, but needs major UI work to be usable.



Portfolio Sinatra / Bootstrap

This site! There isn't much interesting to talk about here. It uses Sinatra to serve up views, a bit of SASS, and a photo or two. Bootstrap, FontAwesome, Google Fonts, and Gravatar are used (each through a CDN) to make it all look a bit better.